Best Wishes from Lama Shangasena

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Best wishes from Puri for 2021

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Peace compaign on the China India border


Watch the video of the Peace Pilgrimage on the border between Cina and India

by Lama Sanghasena of the Mahabodhi Center in Leh.



Benefit Concert

Dear friends, click on the photo to access the benefit concert.

Below you will find the thanks of Fr.Baptist of Puri




Our dearest Swami Nirvanananda, Respectful homage to you.

Please accept warmest greetings to you and to everyone present at the BENEFIT CONCERT from Beatrix School Family at Puri.

We are touched by your commitment for the education of the poor children at Beatrix School from the families of leprosy victims and other poor children from the margins of the Society.

We are indebted to you for generously supporting our Mission in spite of the terrible time of the pandemic you have been through.

I wish the EVENT every success and assure a daily prayerful thought to everyone joining the concert.

God Bless All. Omm Shanti.

Gratefully, Fr. Baptist D'Souza, svd

Thanks of Lama Sanghasena






Food for lepers


Yesterday the Fathers distributed food to our colony of lepers

and also to the one near the railway station



News from Leh

The hospital near our school in Leh, has already cured 24 patients till now, with a dedicated team of health workers, designated at the MIMC COVID-19 Hospital. Today all together 19 patients were discharged from the hospital. We will continue to strive hard to transform Corona to Karuna (Mercy).







News from West Bengal


We received from our Sisters in India: “Here in Ranaghat, West Bengal, this time is very crucial one side COVID-19, another side just we had super cyclone causing big disaster around and to our neighbours. We also have great loss of trees, some parts of our building also got cracked. Our electricity polls are uprooted it took four days to get normalize. We felt the great scarcity of drinking water. Because we could not pump. It will take to get to our normal life because of the pandemic. We don’t know when schools will be opened. They are attending online classes. Praying for you all kindly do pray for us too, Sister Alisha and the children at Holy Child Home, Ranaghat. West Bengal. India.”

Cyclone Amphan

Dear friends, we are happy to inform you that the Cyclone Amphan that hit the Gulf of Bengal two days ago spared Puri.

Br. Baptista assured us that there was only a heavy rain with no harm. We still have no news of the Pentakotta nuns.

Unfortunately, however, the situation in Calcutta and its surroundings is not as good.

A tribute to Fr. Marian


A tribute to Fr.Marian on his 14th Death Anniversary


... and two photos of the anniversary:


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