I still remember when I visited for the first time the “school” of the Fishermen Village of Pentakotta, near Puri. There were about 200 children who gathered all together under the same straw hut. They were all together, all the different classes as one.

After some years we could build a real school, made of bricks, near the Sisters Adorers Dispensary. At the beginning it seemed a dream, because all the children could have different classes and several teachers, they could sit on benches with real books and exercise books. Now the exercise books are made by the girls of the Nava Jyoti Community (New Light), girls rescued from prostitution. Also all the uniforms are sewed and prepared by the same girls.

Now the Community and the school are parts of the same unit, since also the girls attend at the school to learn how to read and write. Education is the real key to transform a society, since the worst enemy of mankind is ignorance.






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