This is the place where the Sisters of Charity live in Puri.



It is a place of peace and introspection where we can sit in silence in a small chapel dedicated to Baby Virgin Mary


It is also a place where they work hard helping many persons. In fact at Dharmadham there is the school for parents who do not know how to read and write.


Since 2009 there is a new school after the old school was destoyed by several mosoons. The new building for the tailoring school has been finished so that all the girls can now follow regularly the classes. Here about 50 girls learn how to become good tailors and how to make beautiful embroideries. The girls belong all to the lowest cast, so they have no possibility to go to a normal school. In this way, only if we can give them the possibility to study and to learn a job, they will a have a qualified future and a work where they can gain sufficiently for their life. At the end of a three years school, they will all receive a sew machine as a gift, so that they will have the possibility to start immediately an activity where they can become financially independent.




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