Severe cyclone emergency Fani in Puri


Dear friends, unfortunately we have received terrible news from Puri.



I quote the words of those who are personally experiencing this tragedy:

"Dearest Nirvanananda, I know how worried you are about Puri and people here. Puri is cut off since 9am from the time the cyclonic storm landed in Puri. Seems like severe damage to property of the poor people living in low lying areas. Our school is full with people from yesterday. May be @1000 are sheltered in our school. Br.Simon told me government is supplying food.

A friend in Bhubaneswar said, he has never seen such destruction. The severity will be more in Puri Fortunately our leprosy victims are safe, as they have good houses now. Thanks to donors we have been able to give them decent houses.

Our children from hostel are away at home as the school was closed on 18 April.

Last part of the storm as it looks water everywhere like a sea. Not known the situation around in the villages

Dark all over, no chance of power tonight, our battery down."

The following photos were taken at the Bhubaneswar train station, the city is about 70 km from Puri.

As soon as we have new news we will let you participate!



Thank you for your help and indispensable support.

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