Tamil Nadu Project

Since 2022 we have started a new collaboration with a school in Tamil Nadu. These are the "Sisters of St. Therese Convent School", in Dalmiapuram, in the district of Trichy, who had contacted us to ask us to help them.

The "People's Education and Training Society" was founded in Madurai in 1912; then in 1986, three Sisters arrived in the Trichy district to begin medical-health work and to help educate children from poor families. Now 30 Sisters work there.

There are 1,300 children up to the 12th grade, with subsequent technical training. There are 20 teachers and 5 helpers. In some cases, due to lack of classrooms, the corridors or outdoors in the adjacent garden are used. Precisely because of this lack of educational space, they asked us for help to build 10 additional classrooms as well as a dormitory and a training center. The new classrooms will be built adjacent to the school, with a large hall to be used as a dormitory. The kitchen and dining room, as well as the toilets and bathrooms, will be repaired and renovated. We have already sent the financial aid and now the work will begin during the school holidays and we hope they will quickly have the spaces necessary to continue their school activities better.

Update to 2023: the project is still ongoing and has undergone a certain delay as the nun in charge has been replaced by the new Sister Lourdu. Furthermore, for logistical reasons, the new buildings have been relocated to a more favorable position. 

Here are some photos of the new buildings:




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